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We’re looking for Sales Professionals

We’re looking to partner with sales professionals who have existing accounts and or business contacts that they can bring into our growing virtual agency.
Who we are
The Mighty Guild is an employee owned creative, technology and business consulting firm. 
Our members and partners are the company. Our collective strengths, skills, experience and expertise drive the success of the company, team and clients. We work virtually, so there’s no commute and no overhead. We pay generously – good commissions on sales (see more below) and 65% of every billed dollar of time using your sales and client management expertise.
Who you are
You’ve worked in an agency long enough to build lasting relationships with your clients. You’d rather work from home and have a more flexible lifestyle, and you know your clients trust you and want to work with you. You’re ready to branch out on your own but you need a creative team who can help your clients meet their business goals. Working from home while earning great commissions and hourly pay for the time you put in sounds like the answer.
What we offer
We offer commissions from 15% for contracts at or below $5,000 with a sliding scale down to 8% for contracts over $500,000. We can go over more details in person. Besides that, as you work with the team to manage the client on a given project and develop continued engagement with them, you’ll earn an hourly rate from $30 to $50 per hour. This is not a salaried position, so you’ll be making money by bringing in and managing existing relationships, or the new ones that you choose to develop.
The basics for your sales efforts
* Ability to work from home with current industry standard technologies
* Semi-regular meetings with the team and clients in a typical project process
* Stay in touch with clients and meet with them when needed
* Always looking forward to new business with existing clients, while mining contacts for new ones
Your Skills & Experience
* Sales and Marketing experience in an agency setting, with experience in one or more of the following: web, video, marketing, print, branding
* Communication and organizational expertise with typical industry toolset
* Ability to serve a client’s needs vs their wants, or willingness to let the team lead to the right solution
If this sounds like a great opportunity for you, fill out the form below and start a conversation about working together. Together we can solve someone’s problem or help them build something new that we can all be proud of. 





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