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Software Engineering involves the analysis of user needs and then designing, building, and verifying end-user applications that satisfy these needs through the use of any of various software programming languages and possibly third-party applications.

The following example demonstrates the application of Software Engineering principles to a web-based software application. The application is being maintained and developed by The Mighty Guild member Chet Patel, placed at Metal Toad through The Mighty Guild Staffing.

The Mighty Guild has the capability of both taking on full Software Engineering projects and placing individuals within an organization through our Staffing services, depending on the needs of our client. You can read more about our Staffing Service here.

The Challenge

Software Engineering Challenge:
A large local agency has an existing contract with Wheel of Fortune to manage their web-based Dot.Net software application which was difficult to update and add new content to. The client needed to restructure the codebase to increase performance and player experience.

Staffing Challenge:
Since their team no longer supports Dot.Net and they did not wish to take on the overhead of a full-time employee, they looked outside their organization to solve the problem. Leveraging our resource pool of Guild Members and Associates, within three days we were able to find the right person for the job.

The Strategy

Engaging a legacy Dot.Net platform, our goal was to streamline the codebase so that new puzzles and promotions could be added more efficiently, and the player experience enhanced.

The Solution

The site had been improved considerably resulting in the ability to easily update puzzles and promotions, and player retention has increased. All parties involved are pleased with the work being done, and more work from our agency client is in the works.

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