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West Village Farms

Packaging Design is the art and science of creating or recommending a container appropriate to a product’s display or distribution, and designing elements for the package such as embossing or labelling that will distinguish the product, especially in a retail environment.

The following example demonstrates a packaging element which was one component of a comprehensive branding approach to a new brand that needed to establish a presence and gain market share.

The Challenge

West Village Farms is an indoor farm for growing and harvesting a variety of leafy greens and microgreens. As a startup, their goal was to create a fresh, unique look for their brand and product. Investors advised that “setting yourselves apart from the competition is going to be paramount.”

The Strategy

Our approach began with an evaluation of existing direct/indirect competition with a strong presence in the industry. We analysed messaging, packaging and design style through web research and in-store observation. How is the packaging displayed? What’s already on the shelves? What pops out to the consumer and what gets lost in the mix?

The Solution

With our research complete and conclusions reached, the packaging design began with a minimalist approach. We designed a label with a badge-like feel, using clear/transparency portions that really let the leafy greens shine. The message is kept simple and supported by eye-catching imagery.

Since the branding project which included the packaging was completed, West Village Farms has expanded into two high-end grocery chains. They are ahead of growth prediction and in talks with other outlets as well.


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