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Video Services Overview

Video services provides video filming, editing, and pre and post production services. This may include blue screen capture, on-location video shoots, 360 degree drone videos, encoding services, and coordination with streaming and hosting services.

Video Services Description

The digital marketplace is growing quickly, and video production is the next best way to capture your target audience. We all love to stop and watch a short clip, so you’ll want to ensure that you’ve got something great to show. Many businesses haven’t taken this leap yet, which means that you’ll already be a step ahead of the competition.


The following example demonstrates the use of motion graphics to illustrate a concept, a  technique which is effective because most people comprehend visuals over words by a significant margin. This example is provided by by The Mighty Guild Partners Ben Walters & Nathan Walters (of HaloUnion Productions) along with Carbon Film for Planet Studio marketing agency.

The Challenge

The client wanted us to provide high level motion graphics video animation promoting their PotentialPlus Annuity program online.  The goal was to create an informative video that was both thorough and easy to understand for new businesses. This client wanted to explain growth potential and risk/reward using clear examples and data.

The Strategy

Our strategy was to create a very clean and professional video using animated graphs.  We wanted to build the design around the Voya Financial brand, utilizing their brand’s colors and fonts.  Along with the serious nature of any financial investment, we wanted to make sure that the video was professional and serious in tone and focussed on the educational aspect so that potential investors could make educated and informed decisions. We also wanted it to showcasing how Voya PotentialPlus can be the go-to solution for people looking to grow, protect, and enjoy their money.

The Solution

We created a clean and professional educational video that the client put on their website as part of the Voya PotentialPlus video series.  The client loved the video and expressed high satisfaction for the work we did.


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