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The following example shows extensive brand development for the City of Tigard, Oregon.
The showcase features the city’s Logo and Design Standards document which was developed for the city as a resource for all departments as well as to share with consultants to ensure brand unity throughout the city. The following examples highlight how a brand can be implemented in a variety of both print and digital collateral. This example is provided by The Mighty Guild partner Iron Canvas Studios, LLC.

The Challenge

The city’s logo and tagline were developed in 2006, but no further brand development had been properly documented. There are multiple departments within a city’s structure, each with their own unique communication needs. Over the years, each department communicated with the public by their own means which lead to a lack of unity in message and overall appearance.

The Strategy

The goal was to develop an easy to understand set of guidelines to be used throughout the city. The document highlighted the basics like logo variations, color and typography. It also includes an explanation of branding, as well as visual and written communication guidelines. It helped the city begin to truly acknowledge their brand as more than a logo and tagline.

The Solution

Logo and Design Standards

Design Standards CoverDocument includes the following:

  • Branding 101 Introduction
  • Use & Care of Logo
  • Corporate Identity Elements
  • Stationery & Forms
  • Graphic Design for Material
  • Cityscape Newsletter
  • Web Page & Update
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Email Communications Standards
  • City Signage
  • Style Guides & Common Errors
  • Tips & Pointers


Website and Email Newsletter

The city underwent a website redesign and restructuring 2014. This was a detailed process that took over a year from start to finish. The city’s brand — from a visual and message standpoint — was the driving factor throughout the process. The end product strongly presents itself as a welcoming, friendly city with a wonderful user experience and easy access to information.

For many years, the City of Tigard produced a print-and-mail city newsletter to its residents. In 2016, the city transitioned to an email only newsletter using Mailchimp. The custom template was designed to create an informative and attractive snapshot of city news and happenings. It was part of an important transition into the digital age, while maintaining excellent communication with residents.

Print Collateral

There are a variety of print collateral needs throughout the city. Developing a flexible and effective branding umbrella is key — from posters and brochures, to datasheets and reports. While different pieces are designed to reach different target markets, it is important to maintain unifying design elements through color and typography as shown by this group of examples.

City of Tigard – Logo and Design Standards Booklet

City of Tigard – Government Website and Email Newsletter

City of Tigard – Flyers, Banners and Signs


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