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A logo is a graphic mark or symbol, or even a stylized name, which is used to distinguish a company, organization, brand, product, initiative or event. A logo is a significant investment for any company because it is one of the most important components of a brand. A logo can become the face of a company or product.

The following example shows logo development for a city event: Restaurant Week. It also demonstrates various applications of the logo and adherence to client brand guidelines. This example is provided by The Mighty Guild partner Iron Canvas Studios, LLC.

The Challenge

The client wanted us to create a fun look for the event and promotional campaign that would meet city branding standards. While owning a small town vibe, they wanted to emphasize their claim as the restaurant destination for the West Side. Some key words for the design: Contemporary, colorful, hip, and crisp. They wanted to challenge the perception that Beaverton is all chain stores and strip malls. The final perception should be that dining in Beaverton is “the real deal” – authentic cuisines from a diverse community – “real people, real food.”

The Strategy

We presented the client with at least 3 different design concepts for Beaverton Restaurant Week: basic and conservative, a bit more adventurous, and one outside their comfort zone. We refined the concepts and ended up with a nice balance of contemporary and hip, but also comfortable and welcoming to all.

The Solution

The project was completed in time and on budget. The first year of the event was a great success, so much so that the same design was used the following year.


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