Marketing is a multifaceted discipline that may include Digital and Traditional activities focused on providing a multiplatform and multimedium presentation of a brand, product and or service that focuses on providing exposure, engagement, and influence within a target market and customer base.

The following example demonstrates development of a branding and marketing strategy for a new real estate crowdfunding startup company. Marketing materials were prepared for the general public and potential VCs. This example is provided by The Mighty Guild member Northwest Engineering Solutions LLC (NWES).

The Challenge

BuildingBits LLC is a new crowdfunding real estate platform that allows non-accredited investors to invest in individual properties with amounts as low as $100. Given the state of the real estate and crowdfunding market, the company needed a comprehensive marketing strategy and message to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The goal of the marketing initiative was to attract non-accredited investors to invest in the platform and property owners willing to list properties for crowdfunding.

The Strategy

The overall strategy for reaching new non-accredited investors was focused in three areas:

  • Social media marketing
  • SEO content development on the corporate website
  • Paid search engine advertising
  • Crafting a detailed press release


The social media marketing portion focused on engaging potential investors on popular social media channels. The company’s SEO content was produced for the company, and customized posts were created that linked back to this content. These posts were placed in groups and on pages focused on crowdfunding, real estate, and investing. The end goal of this tactic was to get newsletter sign-ups for weekly communication through the company website.

SEO content was developed for the corporate website targeted at relevant keywords for the crowdfunding and real estate industries. These thought leadership posts were focused on important investing, regulatory, and management topics in the crowdfunding industries in an effort to attract new investors and property owners to the platform.

The paid search engine component was designed to attract investors interested in real estate crowdfunding and broader crowdfunding efforts in general to the platform. Keywords were targeted on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The Solution

The technical and copy-written material produced for this company has been used to support their marketing efforts and attract new investors. As a result, the company received over $3 million in VC funding and has increased their monthly income beyond 6 figures. The company is preparing to launch a second marketing campaign to sell tokenized real estate assets and corporate equity.




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