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Video services provides video filming, editing, and pre and post production services. This may include blue screen capture, on-location video shoots, 360 degree drone videos, encoding services, and coordination with streaming and hosting services.

The following example demonstrates the use of a complete range of video services from concept through post production and hosting. This example is provided The Mighty Guild partner HaloUnion Productions.

The Challenge

The client wanted us to create an upbeat and high energy video for online marketing, highlighting the importance of their service, a platform that allows companies to host all branding assets, including logos, colors, and fonts, in one central place.  The focus of the video was to emphasize the importance of brand consistency and how Brandfolder is a must-have tool for small businesses.

The Strategy

Our strategy was to attend the Creative Summit event in Atlanta with Brandfolder.  We filmed Brandfolder personalities discussing the importance of building a brand and interacting with business owners, marketing specialists, and event attendees. We also interviewed other vendors and large companies on the importance of brand consistency.  

The Solution

We put together a very polished and upbeat video package with professional color, sound and title design.  We even created a logo animation for the client’s logo to include at the end of the video. The client loved it and sent the finished video out to clients the next morning.




Color Correction & Grading
Motion Graphics Design
Sound Mixing
Video Editing
Video Production


Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premier


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Video Services