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Breadth and Depth

Our network of members and partners provide a broad offering of services. This enables us to offer solutions, not products. Some companies offer a small set of services which they see as the only solution to any business challenge. We work to learn your business, your customers, and what goals and challenges you have, then prescribe the set of services that match your needs.


Whether it’s a campaign, a new product, SEO, brand awareness or an event, our marketing team draws on years of successful experience to elevate your message and get results.

Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing consulting focuses on providing the strategy and planning for a multi-channel integrated marketing effort. This  involves multiple phases of analysis defining customer, competitor, product and services, and how that message influences customers. The strategy crosses all division lines and influences branding, product services, technical and creative services and customer service.

Digital Marketing

You may have tried to promote your business or services on digital platforms with varying levels of success. Perhaps you’ve never tried because you don’t know how to start. We can provide and assessment of your current status on social media platforms and recommend a plan to move forward. There are many options and approaches – what will work best for you? We can help you determine the right direction and provide the tools to lead you toward your digital goals.

Measurement, Metrics, and Reporting

From a marketing point of view, what could be more frustrating than executing a series of tactics and having no idea how effective they have been? If you’re willing to spend the money on marketing tactics, you need to include the crucial step of measuring the success of your efforts. Our comprehensive marketing plan will give you the whole picture; strategy, tactics, execution and measurement with reporting.

Marketing Training

We’re realistic. We know that you may not be able to bring on a full team to plan, execute and report on your marketing plan. We can still make a difference. We can provide coaching, recommend tools, and show you the path to executing certain marketing efforts on your own. We’d love to be involved all the way through, but we’re also ready to provide coaching and advice to give you the tools to succeed  on you own. We’ll lay out the options; you decide how you want to move forward.

Customer Engagement

How do you get direct feedback from your customer base? How do you know what they think about your brand? Customer engagement is about encouraging your audience to respond and participate in experiences you create for them. If you execute well, a strong customer engagement strategy will result in better brand recognition and customer loyalty. Don’t know where to start? That’s what we’re here for.


There are many ways to tell a story; an image, a video, an entire brand or just a logo. Our experienced creative professionals will help you identify the right medium to creatively communicate your message, then create content that will connect with your audience. Cast your vision; we’ll help you realize it.


Branding sets the stage for how you portray your business or product and how others perceive its position in the marketplace. If customers do not see it as valuable, then perhaps you haven’t figured out your unique brand. If you aren’t sure, then you probably need help clarifying this important step. All of your marketing stems from your brand, so be sure your brand is on target so your marketing can be on target as well. Branding creates value for your business, so successful companies see the value of investing in brand development. What’s your challenge with branding? We’re here to provide analysis, strategies and tactics to help you meet your branding goals.

Graphic Design

We’ve all heard “a picture is worth a thousand words.” That’s because it’s true; visual communications resonate quickly and deeply with audiences. You may just have a few seconds to leave a lasting impression on a potential customer, and graphic design is key to maximize that moment.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is intended to engage and entertain: it could take the form of a powerful testimonial or an engaging aspirational piece that draws attention to your brand. Everyone loves a good story; let us help craft one for you.


Words are an important part of your marketing strategy; however, not just any words will do. Some words embrace customers while others could confuse or turn them off completely. Each word you use has to align with your marketing strategy; let us help keep your message on track.

Video Production

Video is continuing to become more popular and necessary as we diversify the ways we gain information. Online platforms—like social media and streaming services—have bolstered the popularity of video production. Our experienced Video Services team provides everything from pre-production planning through to coordination with streaming and hosting services.

Audio Production

You look great, now let’s make sure you sound great! We offer an Audio Production services package that include soundtrack, voice acting and music accompaniment. Audio services may provide more specialized services such as sound design, audio engineering, authoring of original scores or even custom music.

Photography, Illustration and Animation

Visual communications go beyond simply mastering Photoshop. Our Photography Service support creative, marketing, and technical efforts. Specialty photographic services can be provided such as 3D, aerial, and 360-degree photography capture.Illustration services provides diagrams and illustrations ranging from creative works of art to science or business-related data informational graphics. Animation services provides pre- and post-production animations ranging from 2D illustrative art to sophisticated multi-layered 3D, photographic, and illustrative sources.


Our experienced technical services teams provide everything from technical consulting to full web and software solutions. Our engineering teams offer experience across a broad set of platforms and technologies.

Technical Strategy Consulting

If you know where you want your business to go but you don’t know how to get there, then you need a strategic technical plan for building your next great idea. Our member experience spans a broad range of technologies and disciplines. We can help you devise a strategy that will help you move towards your business goals and help your ideas come to life. Your business goals will be translated into actionable language that your team can use to start down the road to success.

Network/Server Architecture

Network design is no simple task. Our team has the experience to design and deploy your next on-site or remote server to help solve your complex business challenges. If you’re hosting yourself or need an internal network to run your business systems, our team and network of vendors and partners has experience designing and deploying the customized hardware and software stack you need. If you are looking for a peer-to-peer network we have the experience to design the architecture you need for your software or hardware solution.

Systems/Application Architecture

Developing a new platform requires devising and implementing a unique technical solution. Engineering a technology stack around this solution takes broad technical skills and proven experience. Our network of members, vendors, and partners will work together to engineer, build, and deploy the technology stack you need to implement your customized solution for your new business platform. We’ll also provide complete documentation that specifies the purpose of each feature on your custom platform.

Migration Services

Moving from one system to another or aggregating content and media from multiple systems can be a complex and time consuming process. Migration services provide a process and tool kit to define, design, build, and migrate content. The effort may be accomplished once, or built to provide on-going migrations of data and or media from a source system to a target system.

(CMS) Content Management Consulting

Selecting a content management system can be a time consuming and difficult process. It requires learning about the vendor and the software platform to determine if it can meet your current and future needs. We can provide consulting on the selection, planning, usage and management of the chosen platform. We provide guidance in what, why, and how while providing a multi-year strategy and budgeting recommendations to keep the platform stable and secure..

(eCom) eCommerce Consulting

eCommerce is a complex topic, but our experienced team provides guidance in the selection of a platform based on your company size and tour current and long-term goals.  This includes digital and or physical inventory, warehouse and stock management, payment and shipping, and for larger clients integration and synchronization services.

Custom Software Engineering

Our diverse team of technical professionals provides front-end, back-end and mobile software engineering services to support current business systems or to build something completely new. We can implement a web based platform for any business solution as well as providing responsive solutions for mobile devices.

Business Consulting

Business consulting encompasses a fairly broad range of service. Regardless of the service, the goal is to understand the business and the challenges being faced and use experience and proven methods to advise on solutions. These services could lead to marketing solutions, process improvement or a clear path to healthier business culture.

Business Analysis

Business analysis is a research discipline aimed at identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Solutions often include a software-systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development.

Industry and Competitive Analysis

Understanding the true position of your company or product within your industry can lead to a variety of conclusions and decisions. This service is a critical component  of other services that we offer, from branding and marketing to technology choices. One outcome of this analysis might be a report on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) that make up a company’s current position in their market.

Business Data Analysis

Analysis of data is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making. Data analysis has multiple facets and approaches, encompassing diverse techniques under a variety of names, in different business, science, and social science domains.

Process and Workflow Consulting

This service explores the way that work output is being managed, the rules in place that are guiding the output, and may also include a review of the people or teams responsible for the output. The overall goal is to provide recommendations that will clear roadblocks, mitigate risk and bolster the bottom line by making the work process more efficient. This service may also include new training, written procedures, and diagrams that illustrate the desired improvements. Process change and development will always be necessary in a world that is always evolving, so process improvement should become systemic.

Culture and Operations Consulting

This service is similar to Process Consulting, with the main difference being its emphasis on the less tangible aspects of running the business and looking to the human components. One approach is to conduct a survey or interviews with all parties involved in order to establish a baseline of information that will inform specific areas where cultural or operations factors can be improved. The most critical component of culture change and improvement is the active involvement of senior management in the process. Ideally a company has written mission, vision and values statements that are clear to all and adhered to as the norm, and if not, these may be one of the outcomes of this type of consulting.

Project Management Services

The ideal project manager can think conceptually, strategically and tactically virtually at the same time, identifying risks and opportunities at all levels of a project. Grasping the big picture, leading the development of a plan, then managing a team to execute it is the unique purview of this role. Overseeing budget and timeline are key components of the role, but just as important is keeping the team on track with the plan and always having the end goal in mind as decisions are made. Whether it’s part of a bigger project or just the need for a guiding hand, we provide experienced Project Managers who will get the job done.

Business Empowerment Collaborative

Think of us as a life coach for your business.


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