The Mighty Guild – Technical Staffing With a Talent Pipeline Strategy

Technical Staffing With a Talent Pipeline Strategy

Anyone that has had an open position to fill knows the time and money it takes to source, vet, re-vet, and ultimately extend an offer to a quality candidate. This is already time-consuming for more common positions, but with the demand for technical talent in a variety of industries, the costs and time involved in sourcing quality candidates only increases. One of our clients had multiple positions that were open for nearly a year before they came to work with us. We ultimately helped them find what they were looking for, but the client realized they needed to take a forward-looking approach to their recruiting strategy.

This is where a talent pipeline strategy becomes invaluable. In this anticipative approach, a company takes time to cultivate leads for upcoming positions before they officially open. In a recent case involving Nestle-Purina, it was found that implementing a talent pipeline strategy could decrease the time required to fill open positions to zero. Taking a proactive approach to sourcing candidates and understanding their qualifications before a position becomes open can save your HR team a significant amount of time and headache.

Filling Your Talent Pipeline

As the case involving Nestle-Purina shows, keeping a full talent pipeline as part of your technical staffing strategy can help decrease the time open positions remain unfilled, and it can even cause the vacancy time to drop to zero. Working with a technical staffing firm like The Mighty Guild can help you keep your talent pipeline full with warm leads, allowing you to quickly fill those upcoming positions as soon as they become open.

Keeping a full talent pipeline is about more than just recruiting prior to an intended start date. At its most basic level, this involves projecting your hiring needs for the upcoming year. It also requires engagement with interested candidates through social and email channels. If you take basic steps to alert candidates in your CRM to upcoming openings, you can stand a chance at finding some warm leads and decreasing the time required to fill openings.

Unfortunately, data in your ATS can go stale as your hiring needs and candidates’ needs evolve over time. Unless you engage early and often, those prospective candidates that applied to your open positions 6 months ago probably won’t have any interest in your upcoming openings if you don’t engage with them on a regular basis. In the event that you find the candidates in your ATS are uninterested or unreachable, it’s probably time to call in a professional recruiting firm to help fill your upcoming openings.


Technical staffing firm extending an offer

Call The Guild in a Technical Staffing Pinch

Obviously, nobody can anticipate every situation where a dedicated employee suddenly leaves your company or takes a long leave of absence. Family pressures, unexpected illness, or voluntarily leaving the company can all create a situation where you have open positions that you need to fill immediately. When this occurs, working with a recruiting agency can help you find the replacement or temporary worker you need with minimal disruption.

The Mighty Guild brings value to your talent pipeline strategy by working with a network of technology experts. Our experts understand your open positions because they’ve worked in them in the past. This means our members know how to spot and properly vet candidates for your open positions.

If you’re interested in our recruiting services, schedule a free consultation with one of our team members to discuss your staffing needs.

We’ll listen. We’ll strategize. We’ll help you achieve your goals.

We also offer Professional Services in multiple areas of focus from Marketing, Creative, Software Engineering, Information Technology and so much more!


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