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About The Mighty Guild

Virtual Company – Remote Staff

The Guild leverages online business systems to enable staff to work 100% remote. 
The Guild does not have a dedicated business office. However, we anticipate offering desk shares and rented meeting spaces throughout the metro areas where we service clients and should our members find a need for formal office space we may review this policy.
The longer-term goal is to provide Guild Services to freelancers in desk and office shared environments. And it is only natural that we’d have staff working in multiple locations while also promoting Guild Services.

Professional Services

Currently, the Guild has been focusing on Business, Creative, and Technical consulting for clients. And we anticipate the packages and services we provide will only grow as our membership and partner network expands. Every member’s primary goal is to solve client problems, to that end each of us has the opportunities to work together to close more contracts, to promote and evangelize the Guild Brand, and of course once an account is signed manage and accomplish the work.

Membership Services

We’ve been in talks with several vendors and professionals to either leverage an existing company or consider forming a division within The Mighty Guild. The service may include healthcare, dental, vision group policies, as well as personal and professional business, and life insurance. Guided retirement such as a Roth or Traditional IRA and we’re also evaluating providing legal counsel services for members on a quarter or part time basis. The service may be provided as part of Guild Membership or may be offered as a monthly service to both Guild and Non-Guild clients.

Staffing Services

Staffing services, which involves contractor placement or full-time placement of Guild Members. This division and the primary structure, costs, and commission structure are still in development. This division focuses on providing “staff augmentation” or more traditional commission based job placement services on behalf of Members and more traditional business, creative, and technical professionals. The division would focus on finding talent for customers and clients as well as for resourcing needs for the Professional Services division of The Mighty Guild.

Mentorship, Training Services

One of our goals at The Mighty Guild is the development of mentorship and training services for Guild Members and to eventually offer it as a bundled service to professionals in the Business, Creative, and Technical Professions. This may be in the form of a monthly subscription with rebates on training and counseling or as a formal package to businesses as a service to their employees.

Mentorship is defined as a combination of career and professional counseling either as part of a work-share program or as a paid service for (again) Members or as a service to professionals outside of the Guild. Likewise, we are structuring a curriculum based on books, online references, journals, Saas services and products, and or bundling it with more traditional online or in-person training services.

We are working on building a partner and vendor network and coordinating with Senior Members and or Partners to define curriculums based on distinct professions and or skill sets. The goal is to form an ongoing career and skills tree curriculum and is structured as an ongoing quarterly or annual improvement strategy for all professionals.

The more resources we can identify, evaluate, and negotiate on behalf of our Members the better.

Our Process

Our process is straightforward.
We will guide you through it to ensure we meet your project milestones.

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